One platform for all your apps integration and automation

What is AppiWorks?

AppiWorks is an application integration and no-code automation platform that intelligently connects with any applications and provides an ecosystem to interact and automate with those applications.

Key Features

Connect with any Applications, through various authentication mechanism (key, oAuth1, oAuth2 etc).

► Visually build Integrated Application or Solution called Blooms

► Visually build business process automation with Flows

► Interact directly from major platforms like Google Workspace, Data Studio, Chrome, Zoho, Microsoft, HubSpot etc.

Core Products

AppiWorks has the following core products

Client Platform Products

AppiWorks is available from various platforms. AppiWorks believe in bringing the integration experience closer to the users on their existing platforms. This helps users work conveniently without switching contexts.

Explore below how AppiWorks can be installed and used from those platforms

  • Google as Client Platform

    • Google Workspace Add-on

    • Google Looker Studio Connector

  • Zoho CRM as Client Platform

    • Zoho CRM Extension

    • Zoho Desk Extension

  • AppiWorks for HubSpot

  • AppiWorks for Trello

  • AppiWorks for Microsoft Excel