Intelligent Integration

What is intelligent integration and why your business needs it?

1. What is intelligent integration platform?

Ans. Integration platform as a service  (iPaaS) is a collection of cloud-based technologies that allows users to install, manage, and integrate software services and applications across many platforms. By adopting iPaaS architecture, businesses may quickly integrate several applications.

A cloud platform called iPaaS integrates disparate pieces of software to offer a comprehensive remedy. This framework supports integration and data exchange while enabling communication between many systems. Such feature opens up the possibility of several systems cooperating.

2. Why do we need integration in business?

Ans. One of the most significant expenditures a company can make nowadays is integration. Smart businesses are those that are connected. By integrating your business systems, you may get a comprehensive understanding of your customers, your data, and the state of your firm. It enhances your internal operations and provides a better client experience. You'll be more effective, productive, and successful when done properly.

3. How automation can help achieve integration needs?

Ans. Automation is everywhere and investment is increasing. In a 2020 Deloitte survey of global executives, 73% of the respondents said their organization is moving towards intelligent automation (up from 58% in 2019). 

By automating tasks, organizations can develop end-to-end business processes that are more efficient, reliable, and scalable.

Businesses that integrate automated processes will see an improvement in operational effectiveness and income generation. This is due to the fact that tasks and organizational procedures will be finished more quickly, resulting in the completion of more work in the same amount of time.

4. How does AppiWorks perform intelligent integration and automation for Zoho CRM?

Ans. The AppiWorks platform is an iPaaS/ aPaaS platform that integrates and automates several applications in Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Databases, Communications, Productivity etc categories. 

AppiWorks for Zoho CRM is a Zoho CRM extension that automates interaction between Zoho CRM modules and any other applications via AppiWorks platform, directly from Zoho CRM system. With this extension, users can configure their integration needs as automations and those will be carried out by AppiWorks platform.

5. What are the benefits the AppiWorks for Zoho CRM bring to Zoho CRM customers?


✅ Auto Interaction: Automatically execute an action on any application (e.g. send a chat message or create a customer in accounting system) when a new contact/ lead or any record in a Zoho CRM module is created.

✅ On Demand Interaction: Choose and execute actions on applications (e.g. insert into a database) on selected contacts/ leads or any records in a Zoho CRM module.

Import data: Onboard data from other systems into Zoho CRM (e.g. import contacts from Google Contacts to Zoho CRM contacts)

View related recordsAutomatically display relevant data from another system when viewing Zoho CRM data (e.g. see all the invoices from accounting system for a Zoho CRM contact)

✅ Multiple Applications: Supports multiple applications that are available now and in the future on AppiWorks platform to be automatically available on Zoho CRM.

✅ Configurable Services: A fully configurable automation that lets you take control of your integration and automation needs.