What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database management program. NoSQL (Not only SQL) is used as an alternative to traditional relational databases. NoSQL databases are quite useful for working with large sets of distributed data. MongoDB is a tool that can manage document-oriented information, store or retrieve information.  

As a document database, MongoDB makes it easy for developers to store structured or unstructured data. It uses a JSON-like format to store documents. This format directly maps to native objects in most modern programming languages, making it a natural choice for developers, as they don’t need to think about normalizing data. MongoDB can also handle high volumes and can scale both vertically or horizontally to accommodate large data loads. 

What is AppiWorks integration with MongoDB?

AppiWorks is an application integration platform. It can create a connection of MongoDB in the AppiWorks platform and use it in any client platform such as AppiWorks for Zoho CRM, AppiWorks for Google Forms, AppiWorks Looker Studio Connector, etc.

Setup and Configuration :

For existing  users those who already have their Atlas accounts and are aware  of the connection credentials or Connection URL can directly use that to establish the connection in Appiworks platform as is shown in the next section.

For new users, at first  they need to go to  and sign-In or signUp to their Atlas account and build a database with a valid cluster name, a username and password as is prompted.

Once the  user is created, one needs go to database and  click on connect button placed next to the Cluster. One needs to choose their preferred  connection method and  there on copy the connection string, replace the <password> in the URL with the previously set password and add the database / collection name at the end of the string. Now the Connection URL is ready to be used for integration.

Connection String and Credentials :

The standard URI connection scheme has the form:


Check documentation for more details:

Here is an example of the credentials that is retrieved form the Connection string.

Sample Connection String : mongodb+srv://

Database : sample_database

User : exampleUser

Password : password1234

Protocol : mongodb+srv

Port :

Query StringretryWrites=true&w=majority

*Query String is an optional parameter

How to establish a connection?

In order to Establish MongoDB Connection in Appiworks, you can either choose from an existing connection Or Create a new one.

Creating a new MongoDB Connection :

Note: You can find the credentials while setting up the configuration in cloud providers (check the Setup & Configurations section above)

Troubleshooting and Support