Unlock Your Business' Full Potential with AppiWorks

The Intelligent Integration and Hyper Automation Platform

Streamline Solutions, Workflow, Boost Efficiency, and Drive Growth

AppiWorks is an aPaaS and iPaas platform to build awesome automation solutions of your own for your business/professional needs. 

This platform provides the following products for customers to use 

Visualize apps in your own way

Make your apps work together intelligently with automation

Visualize | Innovate | Design

Automate your workflow

Integrate apps with your visualization and innovation

Trigger | Action | Control

Establish and manage connection

Connect with Applications, through various authentication mechanism

Credentials | OAuth | Key


Empower your Data Universe 

Make your data store with custom object model

Create | Store | Manage


Elevate Data Collection Effortlessly 

Build and publish powerful custom forms quickly with seamless integration

Survey | Poll | Analytics