Build your own solutions. Simply integrate, visualize, and automate apps in your own way with Bloom.

What is Bloom?

"Bloom" is a powerful no-code web app builder focussed on integrations with all your applications. Create interactive web pages for your users, seamlessly working on heterogeneous data from multiple sources. Present your data to users, create dynamic forms, search bars and much more.

Integrate apps with your visualization and innovation

Features of Bloom

No-code web app building 

The limit is your imagination when it comes to building apps on Bloom.

Drag & drop

Bloom supports click or drag & drop feature to speed up your app design. Choose from a wide range of widgets and panels. 

Rich template library

Your custom dream application is just a few clicks away. Clone from the meticulously curated library of templates and start using right away.

Integrating your apps in Bloom

You can configure your widgets or specialized panels to work directly on app data.

Steps to connect widgets to your app :

Step 1: Create a connection with your favourite application. 

Step 2: Drag and drop a widget/panel on the canvas.

Step 3: Configure the widget/panel to work on the connection you created

Building blocks of Bloom


A Bloom designer may create one or more pages in a bloom. Sub-pages within top level pages are also supported for structuring content categorically.


Every page in a bloom consists of a bunch of panels, which can be considered as containers for a group of related elements.

Bloom provides ordinary panels and some specialized panels.


widgets are the atomic building blocks of a bloom. Bloom supports 30+ powerful customizable widgets for all your needs.

Widgets are classified based on their use cases. Simply drag and drop your chosen widget in the canvas and start working. 

Explore all the widgets here.