Auto Export for the Custom Modules

How to achieve Auto export for the Custom Modules in the AppiWorks extension?

If you want to automatically export the content of your custom modules to external applications, you will need to configure Zoho CRM automation workflow rules and create a custom function to trigger AppiWorks. Please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Configure automation workflow rule

Step 2: Configure a new Function to trigger AppiWorks

***Important Note*** 

The below example is explained for the PostgreSQL AppiWorks.
Please ensure to use the appropriate extension namespace from the below list




Step 3: Setup Argument mapping to your Custom Module

Step 4: Configure an Export type service on your Custom Module

Finally, configure an export-type service in AppiWorks for your Custom Module with relevant field mapping. Refer to the above section on configuring export service. The workflow rule will be triggered on creating or editing a record in the Configured custom module.

Test it and roll it out to widespread usage 🚀