Make your datastore with a custom object model 

What is Starch?

Starch is an in-built datastore to create custom objects and relationships with rich toolsets to manage the data on the fly 

Key Features

1. Custom Object Creation

Starch enables users to build and define custom objects tailored to their specific needs. Whether it's tracking customer interactions, managing inventory, or organizing project data, Starch allows you to create objects that match your unique requirements.

2. Relationship Management

Forge meaningful connections between your data entities with Starch's intuitive relationship management. Establish links between custom objects, facilitating a comprehensive view of your information and promoting a holistic understanding of your data.

3. Rich Attribute Configuration

Customize your data attributes effortlessly. Starch provides a flexible environment where users can define and maintain attributes with ease. This adaptability ensures that your data structure aligns perfectly with your evolving business needs.

Seamless Integration with other AppiWorks products

Seamlessly integrate your custom data across Forms, Blooms, and Flows within the AppiWorks ecosystem. 

How to use Starch in AppiWorks?

Getting Started with Starch

Goto Starch

Select Starch from the AppiWorks products menu.

Create Starch Base

Object creation

Relationship configuration

Attributes Configuration

Start Building with Starch Today!

Empower your data management capabilities with Starch. Take control of your information, build custom objects, and establish relationships effortlessly. Dive into the rich toolset provided by AppiWorks and elevate your data management experience.