App Spotlight: MongoDB AppiWorks

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App Spotlight: MongoDB AppiWorks for Zoho CRM

AppiWorks is an iPaaS / aPaaS platform that enables you to connect to any applications, perform actions and automate your process flow. It is an all-in-one platform solution for building automation solutions for your business by integrating with all necessary applications in your business.

"MongoDB AppiWorks for Zoho CRM" is an extension of Zoho CRM that brings AppiWorks' platform integration and automation capabilities with MongoDB directly on the Zoho CRM application.


MongoDB is an open-source NoSQL database management program. NoSQL (Not only SQL) is used as an alternative to traditional relational databases. NoSQL databases are quite useful for working with large sets of distributed data. MongoDB is a tool that can manage document-oriented information, store or retrieve information.  

As a document database, MongoDB makes it easy for developers to store structured or unstructured data. It uses a JSON-like format to store documents. This format directly maps to native objects in most modern programming languages, making it a natural choice for developers, as they don’t need to think about normalizing data. MongoDB can also handle high volumes and can scale both vertically or horizontally to accommodate large data loads.

MongoDB was built for people building internet and business applications who need to evolve quickly and scale elegantly. Companies and development teams of all sizes use MongoDB for a wide variety of reasons.

With MongoDB's ever-increasing popularity and widespread use, users of Zoho CRM inevitably need to interoperate with MongoDB. Zoho CRM needs easy but strong integration with MongoDB for efficient data management and analysis, enabling seamless synchronization, real-time updates, advanced reporting, and collaborative workflows, maximizing productivity, and providing valuable insights for sales and marketing efforts. This is why businesses often require the integration of Zoho CRM with MongoDB.


"MongoDB AppiWorks for Zoho CRM" is an extension of the Zoho CRM  that brings the AppiWorks platform's intelligent integration & hyper-automation capabilities to deeply connect, integrate and automate workflows with MongoDB directly from the Zoho CRM application dashboard. It integrates Zoho CRM and MongoDB. It helps users to export data from Zoho CRM to the MongoDB database, import data from MongoDB to Zoho CRM, and show contextual data from MongoDB inside Zoho CRM.



"MongoDB AppiWorks for Zoho CRM" brings in no code integration and automation benefits for every user of Zoho CRM for all their integration needs with MongoDB.